The following organizations have contributed subsets of files/documents of the Guildford Depository to the project:
Health Canada
Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia
World Health Organization
ASH New Zealand
The project consortium wishes to thank the following organizations for their public support of this project:
American Legacy Foundation
British Medical Association
Department of Health (UK)
International Union Against Tuberculosis & Lung Disease
The Nuffield Trust
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Royal College of General Practitioners
Royal College of Midwives
Royal College of Physicians
UK Faculty of Public Health Medicine
World Health Organization
The following individuals provided invaluable support to the project consortium in their efforts to create this resource:
Rhonda K Baumberger, Stella Aguinaga Bialous, Karen Bissell, Doug Blanke, Martyn Day, Claude Devarenne, Jon Ferguson, Magda Gianola, Andy Haines, Hubert Humphrey III, Cindy Jesson, Albert Jew, Debra K Judi, John Kunze, Eric LeGresley, Michael McElligott, Bob Mason, Heidi Schmidt, Judith Watt, Celia White, Steve Woodward, John Wyn Owen, & Derek Yach

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