Expanded Field Descriptions

Not all fields exist for every document. If a field is empty, it will not be displayed in the results. For example, if a document has no Corporate Author information, the Corporate Author field will not appear for that document.

Some default values are also not displayed. For example, English is the default value in the language field. You can search for documents in English, but no language field appears for documents written in English.

Author (au)
All authors for a document are listed.

Bates Number (bn)
The number, usually 10 digits long, stamped on each page of an evidentiary document. Bates numbers are sequential and can begin (and occasionally end) with letters as well as numbers.

Box Number (box)
Identifies the box at Guildford or Minnesota in which document was located. Boxes frequently hold groups of documents used by a particular person or about particular subjects; searching on the box number of a particular document may yield related documents.

Corporate Author (auo)
Indicates the corporate body chiefly responsible for producing the document.

Corporate Recipient (rco)
The corporate recipient of a document.

Country Name (ct)
The Country Name field exists to help users target documents that reference a specific country or group of countries. Country names have been "normalized" in this field; that is, countries that might conceivably be mentioned by more than one name or form for reasons linguistic, historical, or political will appear in the Country Name Field in one format only.

Country names

Many tobacco industry documents are decades old; some country names appear in historical format. Wherever possible, current names are substituted for their historical equivalents.

Historical country names

Country Name is recorded only when a country is mentioned specifically; country names are not inferred from the mention of cities, etc. Note that when a country name appears as part of an organization name, (e.g. BAT UK and Export or Ceylon Tobacco Company), it is neither normalized nor added to the Country Name field, but appears in the Corporate Author, Corporate Recipient, or Named Organization fields as it appears in the document.

Country names appearing in letterhead are recorded in the Country Name field unless they appear only within an organizational name (then see above).

Country Name is meant to aid users to identify documents related to specific countries regardless of how the names appear and also to correct for some of the inherent limitations of the OCR process. A human indexer can catch a name in a poor quality document that the OCR program might not. On the other hand, sometimes the OCR program will catch something missed by human indexers. To find every document that mentions a specific country, the most thorough search is to the entire record for ceylon OR "sri lanka".

This search will result in many "false drops" - documents that are not really about Sri Lanka, but will be the most complete search possible.

Date Loaded (ddu)
Date Loaded is the date a document was put onto the UCSF BATDA site.

Document Date (dd)
Date on the document, if any. The format is yyyy/mm/dd. That is August 10, 2004 would appear as follows: 20040810. Note that many documents have no date.

Document Type (dt)
Document types are chosen from a fixed list (link). You can narrow your search to include or exclude types of documents.

Document types

File Name (fn)
File in which the document was found. As with Box Number above, searching by File Name can be useful in identifying related documents.

Language (lg)
English is the default. Languages noted in this field are restricted to French, Spanish, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi. All other languages are marked unknown. For indexing purposes, any document written in the Cyrillic alphabet was recorded as "Russian" and any document written in the Arabic alphabet as "Arabic." That is, although there are other languages that use those alphabets, indexers did not distinguish among them.

Use the following 2 letter codes when searching the language field.

Arabic        ar
Chinese     ch
French       fr
German     de
Greek        el
Hindu        hi
Italian       it
Russian     ru
Spanish     es

Proper syntax for searching the language field is, for example, lg:de.

Metadata (md)
Search in metadata if you wish to search all fields excluding the full text (OCR).

Named Organization (meno)
Lists mentioned organizations other than Corporate Author or Corporate Recipient.

Named Person (menp)
Lists mentioned persons other than author, recipient, or person copied.

OCR Text (ot)
Full text of the document.

Page Count (pg)
Number of pages in the document.

Person Copied (ccp)
Persons cc:d.

Recipient (rc)
Document recipient(s).

Title (ti)
Document title. Square brackets [ ] indicate a title added during the indexing process to aid search and retrieval.

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