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Papers on trade policy, the FCTC, and current industry materials
Assunta M. Tobacco industry's ITGA fights FCTC implementation in the Uruguay negotiations. Tobacco Control 2012 Nov;12(6):563-568.

Crosbie E, Glantz SA. Tobacco industry argues domestic trademark laws and international treaties preclude cigarette health warning labels, despite consistent legal advice that the argument is invalid. Tob.Control 2012 Nov 24.

Crosbie E, Sebrie EM, Glantz SA. Tobacco industry success in Costa Rica: the importance of FCTC article 5.3. Salud Publica Mex. 2012 Feb;54(1):28-38.

Gilmore AB. Understanding the vector in order to plan effective tobacco control policies: an analysis of contemporary tobacco industry materials. Tobacco Control 2012 Mar;21(2):119-126.

Hiilamo H, Crosbie E, Glantz SA. The evolution of health warning labels on cigarette packs: the role of precedents, and tobacco industry strategies to block diffusion. Tobacco Control 2012 Oct 23.

Lee S, Holden C, Lee K. Are transnational tobacco companies' market access strategies linked to economic development models? A case study of South Korea. Global Public Health. 2013 Jan 18.

Lee S, Ling P, Glantz S. The vector of the tobacco epidemic: tobacco industry practices in low and middle-income countries. Cancer Causes and Control 2012:1-13.

Lee S, Lee K, Holden C. Creating demand for foreign brands in a 'home run' market: tobacco company tactics in South Korea following market liberalisation. Tobacco Control 2012 November 14.

MacKenzie R, Collin J. 'Trade policy, not morals or health policy': The US Trade Representative, tobacco companies and market liberalization in Thailand. Global Social Policy 2012 August 01;12(2):149-172.

Shirane R, Smith K, Ross H, Silver KE, Williams S, Gilmore A. Tobacco Industry Manipulation of Tobacco Excise and Tobacco Advertising Policies in the Czech Republic: An Analysis of Tobacco Industry Documents. PLoS Med 2012 06/26;9(6):e1001248.

Skafida V, Silver KE, Rechel BP, Gilmore AB. Change in tobacco excise policy in Bulgaria: the role of tobacco industry lobbying and smuggling. Tobacco Control 2012 Nov 10.

Weishaar H, Collin J, Smith K, Gruning T, Mandal S, Gilmore A. Global Health Governance and the Commercial Sector: A Documentary Analysis of Tobacco Company Strategies to Influence the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. PLoS Med 2012 06/26;9(6):e1001249.

New papers investigate industry activities in Central and South America, China, and Indonesia
Bialous SA, Presman S, Gigliotti A, Muggli M, Hurt R. Response of the tobacco industry to the creation of smoke-free environments in Brazil. Rev.Panam.Salud Publica 2010 Apr;27(4):283-290.

Chu A, Jiang N, Glantz SA. Transnational tobacco industry promotion of the cigarette gifting custom in China. Tobacco Control 2011 Jan 30.

Gonzalez M, Green LW, Glantz SA. Through tobacco industry eyes: civil society and the FCTC process from Philip Morris and British American Tobacco's perspectives. Tobacco Control 2011 Jun 2.

Holden C, Lee K. "A major lobbying effort to change and unify the excise structure in six Central American Countries": how British American Tobacco influenced tax and tariff rates in the Central American Common Market. Global Health. 2011 May 19;7(1):15.

Hurt RD, Ebbert JO, Achadi A, Croghan IT. Roadmap to a tobacco epidemic: transnational tobacco companies invade Indonesia. Tobacco Control 2011 August 18.

McDaniel PA, Malone RE. British American Tobacco's partnership with Earthwatch Europe and its implications for public health. Global Public Health. 2011 Feb 23:1-15.

New papers investigate industry activities in China, influence on the European Union Treaty, and tobacco promotion activities
Holden C, Lee K, Gilmore A, Fooks G, Wander N. Trade policy, health, and corporate influence: British American tobacco and China's accession to the world trade organization. Int.J.Health Serv. 2010;40(3):421-441.

Holden C, Lee K, Fooks G, Wander N. The Impact of Regional Trade Integration on Firm Organization and Strategy: British American Tobacco in the Andean Pact. Business and Politics 2010;12(4).

Petticrew MP, Lee K. The "Father of Stress" Meets "Big Tobacco": Hans Selye and the Tobacco Industry. Am.J.Public Health 2010 May 13.

Smith KE, Fooks G, Collin J, Weishaar H, Mandal S, Gilmore AB. "Working the System" - British American Tobacco's Influence on the European Union Treaty and Its Implications for Policy: An Analysis of Internal Tobacco Industry Documents. PLoS Med 2010 01/12;7(1):e1000202.

Stanton CR, Chu A, Collin J, Glantz SA. Promoting tobacco through the international language of dance music: British American Tobacco and the Ministry of Sound. Eur.J.Public Health 2010 Feb 15.

July 2009
New papers investigate industry activities in South Korea and Ghana
Lee K, Carpenter C, Challa C, Lee S, Connolly GN, Koh HK. The strategic targeting of females by transnational tobacco companies in South Korea following trade liberalisation. Global Health 2009 Jan 30;5(1):2.

Owusu-Dabo E, Lewis S, McNeill A, Anderson S, Britton J, Gilmore A. Smoking in Ghana: A review of tobacco industry activity. Tobacco Control 2009 June;18(3):206-211.

December 2008
New papers investigate industry activities in Africa, China, Lebanon and Turkey
Muggli ME, Lee K, Gan Q, Ebbert JO, Hurt RD. "Efforts to reprioritise the agenda" in China: British American Tobacco's efforts to influence public policy on secondhand smoke in China. PLoS Med. 2008 Dec 23;5(12):e251.

Nakkash R, Lee K.Smuggling as the "key to a combined market": British American Tobacco in Lebanon. Tobacco Control. 2008 Oct;17(5):324-31.

Lawrence S. British American Tobacco's failure in Turkey. Tobacco Control. 2008 Oct 9.

Muggli M, Ebbert J, Robertson C, Hurt R. Waking a sleeping giant: The tobacco industry's response to the polonium-210 issue. American Journal of Public Health. 2008 Sep;98(9):1643-1650.

Legresley E, Lee K, Muggli M, Patel P, Collin J, Hurt R. British American Tobacco and the "Insidious impact of illicit trade" in cigarettes across Africa. Tobacco Control. 2008 Jul 10.

January 23, 2008
Industry Activities in Vietnam
Lee K, Kihn HV, Mackenzie R, Gilmore AB, Minh NT, Collin J. Gaining access to Vietnam's cigarette market: British American Tobacco's strategy to enter 'a huge market which will become enormous.' Global Public Health 2008;3(1):1-25.

February 20, 2007
New Papers Addressing Industry Activities in Germany and Kenya

Grüning T, Gilmore A. Germany: Tobacco industry still dictates policy. Tobacco Control 2007;16:2.

Patel P, Collin J, Gilmore AB. "The law was actually drafted by us but the Government is to be congratulated on its wise actions": British American Tobacco and public policy in Kenya. Tobacco Control 2007;16:e1.

October 6, 2006
U.S. Judge Rules Against the Major Tobacco Companies in Landmark RICO Case
On August 17, 2006, U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler found the major tobacco companies have violated civil racketeering laws and defrauded the American people by lying for many years about the health risks of smoking and their marketing practices towards minors.

The Final Opinion, Final Judgment and Order, and other summary reports in this civil lawsuit are available online in the Policy, Legislation and Litigation section of the UCSF Tobacco Control Archives.

September 20, 2006
New Papers Addressing BAT Activities in Uzbekistan and China

Gilmore A, Collin J, McKee M. British American Tobacco's erosion of health legislation in Uzbekistan. British Medical Journal 2006;332:355-358.

Lee K, Collin J. "Key to the Future": British American Tobacco and Cigarette Smuggling in China. PLoS Med 2006;3(7):e228.

May 5, 2006
Videos from the Guildford Depository Now Available for Viewing
A number of videos created and produced by the tobacco industry have been acquired from BAT's Guildford Depository as well as from the Minnesota Tobacco Documents Depository and are available for viewing at the UCSF Tobacco Industry Videos Collection on the Internet Archive. The BATDA Video Resources page provides information about and links to a few of the several hundred videos housed in Guildford. The Guildford Archiving Project plans to collect all videos in addition to all documents in the Guildford Depository.

Access the BATDA Video Resources page here.

April 3, 2006
New Output Style and Tobacco Control Archives (TCA) Filter for EndNote
An important change to the official citation format for tobacco documents has prompted the Library to revise the EndNote Tobacco Document Style (based on Vancouver). The editors of Tobacco Control no longer require citations and references to include Bates numbers for documents with permanent BATDA or LTDL URLs. For documents not found in BATDA or LTDL, the Bates number is still required. View the new format for citing tobacco documents

To accommodate this change, as well as to fix a problem with downloading estimated dates, the Library has released a new version of the TCA EndNote filter for tobacco documents and has simplified the steps necessary to change the Tobacco Document Style. The new Tobacco Control Archives filter still downloads Bates numbers, as well as access date and page count, for your records, but the updated Tobacco Document Style does not include these fields in bibliographic references.

The new filter also fixes a problem which caused "est." (short for estimated date) to appear too frequently. Estimated date notations are still downloaded for your records but the notation is no longer included in the output style and resultant references. If you want to include any fields mentioned above, such as Bates number, in references, read the instructions for adding items to the output style here.

To download the new TCA filter, follow the instructions here.
To change the output style, follow the directions here.

For complete instructions on setting up the new Tobacco Document output style and TCA filter for EndNote, click here.

February 26, 2006
Tobacco Industry Influence on Science and Scientists in Germany
New study published in the American Journal of Public Health utilized industry documents to examine the tobacco industry's influence over science in Germany. Access the abstract here.
Concerns over Cigarette Testing
Canadian researchers utilized British American Tobacco documents to examine the disparity between cigarette testing equipment and human smoking behaviors. View BBC article here.

December 5, 2005
New: Alpha Codes for BAT Sites and Work Areas
Documents of British American Tobacco are organized into files, each of which is coded according to the specific BAT site and work area from which the documents derive. For example, the BAT depository in Guildford, Surrey holds around 41,000 individual files. File codes consist of a letter(s) and number(s). This document is a key to the letters used in these codes arranged by BAT site and work area. An understanding of this coding system can help document researchers locate files and documents related to specific work areas such as corporate planning, research and development, and marketing.

November 10, 2005
Oxford will take Tobacco money says leaked paper
Read the Oxford Student report here.

April 29, 2005
BAT in its own words
BAT in its own words study released by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). Forty-page PDF available here.

April 8, 2005
Tobacco Companies' Efforts to Influence Industry Privatisation
Medical News Today story here.

November 24, 2004
BAT hit by fresh claims it used smuggling to expand into Asia
Independent story here.

November 24, 2004
Tobacco firm 'backed' smuggling
Times Online story here.

November 2, 2004
Tobacco lobby targeted Blair as 'smoker friendly'
Guardian UK story here.

October 27, 2004
Tobacco firm gained secret access to Blair
Documents obtained by the Guardian disclose how BAT pressured Tony Blair and a cabinet minister who wanted to hold an inquiry into the firm. Guardian UK story here.

October 26, 2004
British American Tobacco Documents Released Online
On October 26th, the UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management released online a million pages of formerly secret documents belonging to the world's second largest tobacco company, British American Tobacco (BAT). The papers provide insights into tobacco industry activity worldwide, including strategies to gain increasing shares of the cigarette market in Asia and Eastern Europe. More than six million pages will be released on the Internet over the next three years.

The documents were supposed to be available to the public as part of a 1998 settlement against the tobacco industry, but BAT has restricted access, refusing to supply documents electronically and sometimes taking a year or more to process photocopy requests.

A joint project of the Library and Center for Knowledge Management and the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at UCSF, the creation of permanent online access for the documents is part of the larger Guildford Archiving Project undertaken with researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Mayo Clinic to obtain, digitize, index, and publicly release the papers.

UCSF's work has been supported by a grant of about $1 million from the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute, established in 2000 as a result of the settlement of a class action suit against the tobacco industry on behalf of flight attendants exposed to secondhand smoke. Other funders of the archive are the Wellcome Trust, Health Canada, Cancer Research UK, and the American Heart Association.

October 26, 2004
Updated EndNote filter for Tobacco Control Archives collections
In conjunction with launching the British American Tobacco Documents Archive (BATDA), the UCSF Library has released an updated EndNote filter. The revision enables users to download records both from BATDA and from the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library using a single filter. The revised filter also incorporates minor changes suggested by users, including document page counts and estimated dates.

We strongly encourage all users to download the updated filter and make the minor modifications outlined in order to take full advantage of EndNote compatibility. You may continue to work with the original filter if you prefer, in which case no action is required. Please note, however, that from now on anyone downloading the filter will be downloading the new filter.

View instructions and download the filter here.

October 4, 2004
Tobacco document revealed
Tobacco document revealed featured on Channel 4. The BATDA document referenced in the article can be found here.

British American Tobacco Documents Archive